MovieRulz MS – After the Recent Update

With the latest update getting rolled out, a lot on MovieRulz has improved. Earlier, there were weird pop-up ads showing up, but they have drastically reduced. Talking about the performance, the overall performance has also improved by a lot. The movie collection on MovieRulz MS has improved as well and new entries are showing up. Movies like Iruttu, Asuran, Pailwaan, Saaho, War, Dream Girl, Joker and Abominable are now available in good quality. Speaking of video quality, you can download all of these movies with the help of a torrent client. Be sure to download the client first. You can even stream movies and television shows online with MovieRulz MS.

The overall interface of the website (and the app) has also changed a tad bit. Now, the interface is more intuitive and that helps users in searching for movies. The default interface has genres and years along with a cascade of latest movies and shows. Once you go to your desired option, you get the option of downloading or streaming the movie/show. There is also a built-in player in MovieRulz MS with which users can stream online movies easily. A few links present allow users to download the movies in 4K (ultra HD). Although you would need to have a super-fast internet connection and up to 5GB of storage space for that.

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Why is MovieRulz the best?

There is no doubt that Movie Rulz has the largest collection of Bollywood movies. Unlike anywhere on the internet, you get access to every single Bollywood movie (along with Tollywood and others) for free. There are other websites as well, but MovieRulz MS is the safest as there are no viruses present here. You get a safe in-app and website experience with Movie Rulz MS. There have been instances where people download movies but get viruses instead. Such is not the case with MovieRulz. With a subtle interface and an easy design, anybody can download movies with it. Be aware that there are a lot of impostor websites that claim to be MovieRulz MS, but are not safe. We suggest you not to download Telugu movies from those websites.

Even for the latest movies, you get the HDCam RIP here. The very first print of Joker is present on Movie Rulz MS. The overall collection of Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood and even Telugu movies is massive. Regional movies that are a fan-favourite can also be downloaded. Malayalam movies, Marathi cinema and much more is available for free on Movie Rulz. If you still haven’t used this app, download MovieRulz APK on your Android device for more.

New Features Added to MovieRulz MS

Apart from the features that were present earlier, there have been some new additions to Movie Rulz MS. Here is a list of some of the cool new features present –

  • You can now download movies sequentially. Click on multiple movies/shows and you will be able to download everything sequentially (for free). Just make sure that you have a fast internet connection for that. This feature is recommended for those who have broadband internet connections (8 Mbps or more).
  • The interface is now segregated into sections that are – language, genre and year. With each section you get access to thousands of movies and shows. Furthermore, you will be able to download everything in HD quality (or even 4K at times).

All New Dark Mode

You even get a whole new dark theme (for app and website both). This comes as a relief if you are using it at night. The dark theme even saves battery life on AMOLED devices. Thus, the latest update (version 5.2.1) is a life saver for many smartphone users. Long streaming hours can harm the eyesight and thus it is advised not to use it for a prolonged period. Taking breaks midway are advised and they will help in keeping the eyesight normal. Thus,

  • Advanced ad-blocker has also been scripted into the website. With this, you will never get unnecessary pop-up ads unlike the ones on most of the torrent websites.
  • A new disclaimer section has also been added that is a good read. Users are requested to read that disclaimer properly so that in case of feuds, they are cognizant. There is a new chat feature added as well that helps users to get in touch with the support team easily.
  • MovieRulz MS comes with an advanced video compression algorithm. What it does is that it ensures that less data is used up while streaming movies. This can be really beneficial if you want to save data. Video acceleration makes sure that the videos are processed in a cloud-based storage system.
  • With Movie Rulz MS you can watch/download as many movies as you want. There is no limit to the content that it can process. It is really powerful and hence, more and more people love to use Movie Rulz MS.

MovieRulz MS vs. Subscription Based VoD Services

Gone are the days of Netflix, Prime Video and Hotstar because Movie Rulz MS is here. All of these services are subscription based and hence they charge a fee from every user. Not everybody is willing to pay this fee and hence, here is when Movie Rulz MS comes into play. It is free from the hassles of subscription and there are no micro-transactions as well. Thus, you need not worry about entering your card details whenever you want to watch a trending movie or show. Plans on Netflix are very expensive and it supports only up to four users at a time. Unlike that, you can watch unlimited videos on Movie Rulz MS without worrying about anything. You get a seamless movie viewing experience that is uninterrupted.

All of the originals and the classics can be found here as well. Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, The Boys and many others are available on Movie Rulz MS as well. The best part of it is that it is absolutely free of cost. There are no payment related hassles that users will encounter in Movie Rulz MS. Use it today to stream movies and more and you will fall in love with its simplicity (yet sophistication). Some of the content can be downloaded in even 2K and 4K. Thus, those of you who have a fast internet connection, you can even stream/download UHD movies as well.

How to run MovieRulz MS on Smart TVs?

Yes, it is true that you can run it on Smart TVs as well. If your Smart TV has Android OS then you can easily watch movies with MovieRulz with Google Chrome. You can use AnyCast or a similar device to cast Movie Rulz MS app from your Android device to your TV. What it does is that it can project what is being displayed on your device’s screen to a connected big screen. Just make sure that both, your smartphone and your TV, are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Thus, you can enjoy watching latest movies in HD quality on your TVs as well.

There is an alternative as well if you do not have a Smart TV. If you have an LCD or an LED TV, download movies with Movie Rulz MS on your computer. With the help of a USB device (pen-drive) you can easily copy the movie from the computer. Then plug-in the pen-drive and enjoy a theatre-like experience for free. You can have so much fun with Movie Rulz MS. If you have a stable internet connection then it is the only one app that you need. With Movie Rulz MS, you can stream hours and hours of movies without worrying about any fee or subscription. Hence, you can easily cast your videos onto your Smart TVs with MovieRulz app.

More about Movie Rulz MS

There is not a single dedicated website for Movie Rulz. There are impostor websites that can infect your PCs, laptops and even smartphones. These websites ask the users to download a certain plugin in order to stream movies. It is a process that is known as click-baiting because there is no such plugin available. You can also encounter malicious viruses in the process of downloading a plugin. Hence, we advise you to stay cautious while searching for MovieRulz online. It may be free to use but there are consequences that follow free to use services. We do not endorse or take any responsibility if a user encounters some issue while using Movie Rulz MS. This website’s sole intention is to educate people about MovieRulz.

For further details, you should contact the team behind this service – Tamil Rockers. We do not support piracy and we believe that all pirates should be prosecuted and dealt with severely. Our sole intention is to maintain this blog about Movie Rulz MS and educate people about its dos and don’ts. You should always be careful while using torrent. It is advised that torrent users should have a VPN installed in order to stay safe from viruses and hackers. Stay safe, use MovieRulz MS responsibly and enjoy!

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